Friday, February 14, 2014

Support a Great Initiative: Binoculars for Slingshots

Every year, Paso Pacifico, one of Nicaragua's most active and prominent conservation NGOs, reaches over 150 children with its bird education program that includes lessons focused on migratory birds, the importance of birds as disperser, bird behavior, parrots, and the diversity of birds and their ecological niches.

An important part of this program is teaching children how to observe and appreciate birds using binoculars. This is particularly important because every year Nicaraguan children kill thousands of birds and animals using sling-shots. Through its education programs, Paso Pacifico gives these kids a high quality pair of eagle optics binoculars in exchange for their sling-shots.

Through Binoculars for Slingshots the children can enjoy birds up close and even gain job skills for the growing eco-tourism sector in the country. Paso Pacifico is currently running a crowdsourcing campaign to make a very large purchase of binoculars for Nicaragua. In crowdsourcing, a lot of small donations can really add up!

Please help make it possible to bring the wonder of birds and the joy of birding to more of Nicaragua's children, while helping to save the Yellow-naped Parrot (Amazona auropalliata) and other rare birds!

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